Manual Keratometer

We are one of the topmost Manufacturers and Supplier of Manual Keratometer that is widely used for standard manual measurement of corneal curvatures. The Manual Keratometer, offered by us, accurately measures both major and minor meridians of the concave surfaces for contact lens fitting. The Manual Keratometer can be easily elevated or lowered which allows quick positioning of the patient in a perfect posture. Various features of this Manual Keratometer include engraved focusing scale, coincidence focusing system and single position measurement for both meridians.

Features :
  • B & L type manual indigenous Portable Keratometer with all imported optics
  • Operated directly on 220V wall out-let supply
  • Illuminated by regular 220V/15 Watt tungsten bulb
  • Easy to operate with measurement facility in both mm as well as Dioptre scale.

Technical Specification

Type Baush and lomb
Magnification -
Objective Achromatic
Eye Piece 15x
Diopter adjusting scale 7D
Scales -
Corneal radius of curvature 6.4~9.5 mm(0.5 mm steps)
Corneal refractive power 52~36D(0.25D steps)
Axis of corneal astigmation 0~180 degree (5 steps)
System External Reading system
Illumination 15 W Bulb
Head and Chin rest Adjustable with Occluder

*Specifications above are subject to change without notice.